Purchase Vulcan

There are four ways to get your hands on Vulcan

Annual Commercial License

This is a full annual license for commercial use worldwide. This option is the most economic choice for those customers who can be confident of regular ongoing use of the software.

Pay As You Go Commercial License

This is the most economic choice for those customers whose use of the software is irregular or differs from project by project. There is a nominal annual charge plus a rate per month or per quarter. The price will also vary depending on the number of licences taken.

Academic License

This is a low cost option for recognised teaching and academic institutions only. Academic licences are offered at very competitive rates to encourage broader use of the technology, continued research and teaching worldwide. We have created many positive relationships with academics on all continents and believe this is a great benefit to all. Academic licences are only available on an annual basis. 

Free Trial License

You can download a free demonstration version of Vulcan. This allows you to examine the interface and the capabilities of the software on problems of limited size and complexity. Some of the program’s features have been limited, so it is not suitable for real projects and its use for commercial work is strictly forbidden within the terms of the license agreement.