Clearly some organizations may not wish to develop an in-house structural fire engineering facility. However the benefits offered by Vulcan can still be realized by taking advantage of the specialist consulting service offered by Vulcan solutions. This service will be tailored to specific needs, and might include conceptual design to achieve optimum solutions, detailed analysis using Vulcan, interpretation of results, preparation of formal reports, and presentation to third parties such as regulatory authorities.

The advantage of this approach is that the full benefits of advanced structural fire engineering can be realized without the need to commit resources to establishing a specialist facility in-house.

Why use Vulcan Consulting?

  • Expertise – Vulcan Consulting staff are very highly qualified in structural fire engineering and fire modelling.
  • Quality – only the most advanced software tools used.
  • Pedigree – the Vulcan Consulting team has an excellent reputation and track record.
  • Experience – the team has extensive experience of developing structural fire engineering design solutions.
  • Latest research and technology – there is a strong linkage with current research activity in structural fire engineering, enabling the most current methods and approaches to be quickly adopted.
  • Comprehensive – the service can be tailored to particular project need but can include a complete sequence from concept design to formal presentation to the regulatory authorities, covering fire modeling as well as structural fire engineering.
  • Open – the work is undertaken with full consultation at all stages, so that all relevant design issues are accounted for.
  • Independence – this is a specialist consultancy service which is therefore not in competition with mainstream structural design or fire safety consultancies.